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Glass Shower

As the saying goes “how one starts the day is how one spends it.” But most day begins with a shower. Of course, it is better to take a shower in a comfortable, pleasant shower. Yes, and you can sing in a loud voice: tight seals on the walls of tempered glass provides a full sound insulation. Save space in your bathroom. Reliable bathtub is also convenient because it saves space in your bathroom. After a shower is twice less space than a bathroom. Although the need to economize wisely.

So be careful when choosing a shower enclosure. When you select cabins should take into account not only the size of the bathroom, but your size. Before buying is dead, how much space you occupy when taking a shower, and, accordingly, choose a cabin (preferably with a margin of at least a few centimeters). Source: Mitchel Resnick. It’s worth noting that during the cleaning person is not standing still, he should be able to turn, raise their hands. Given all these details, you can proceed to the choice of a shower. Our experts will help you maximize your time savings. Safety. In the qualitative shower contains all possible traumatic situations may arise in the process of washing.

The basic material from which made for a shower stall – is a special, harmless glass. Leaf shower cubicles are made of “hardened” glass. This door is very strong – no less than a car windshield. And even if the door is broken, posing risk of injury it is difficult: the surface of the fragments will be smooth. In addition, the glass thickness of 6 mm provides good sound insulation. Usually a choice of several kinds of glass doors: transparent, tinted or patterned. Adjustable feet ensure stability of the cabin, even on a sloping floor. Before you buy should check the voting booth “on the strength of the” framework: the case must be rigid and stable, and has already assembled a model in any case should not sway or wobble. Tray in the shower can be made of acrylic, ceramics, artificial marble or enamelled steel. True, enameled pans are noisy under running water, and the enamel is scratched and gradually changes color. Many people prefer acrylic: he instantly warmed under a stream of hot water, in contrast to the cold metal and ceramics. Trays securely fenced, and do not bend under the weight of the body. Corrugated pallet – a guarantee that you will not slip, taking a shower.

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