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German Wood

Generally, the color of wood windows – whole technology, which largely depends not only aesthetically pleasing appearance, but also the life of the window. You may find Michael Wirth to be a useful source of information. Still fresh in the minds of our fellow citizens frame with bubbling oil paint that had to be renewed every few years. Now window frames of a headache are the pride of the owners. It is not only used as paints, which are unique, but also in the technology of their application. This operation is meant by a Three processes – impregnation antiseptic agents, priming and two-stage application of the paint layer.

Due to the unique equipment used by the system is capable of applying paint coloring layer perfectly evenly. Unlike conventional aepografov here paint is sprayed under high pressure airless way. Window cleaner uses the German water-based paints are recommended for use in children's and medical institutions. The consistency of these colors are not 'deaden' the wood, allow it to 'breathe', do not concentrate in water vapor (in contrast to the commonly used dyes in organic and inorganic). Such paints have another important advantage – they are flexible and temperature fluctuations are stretched and compressed along with the tree. As for durability of paint – that is, the probability of a gradual obliteration the paint layer – it can be said that specially designed for window profiles dyes just 'eats' the texture of wood, so are the years to come. In addition, the color of the window you can now choose from natural colors wood tones to extravagant 'under the interior', or combine several colors – the traditional white on the outside and for every taste indoors.

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