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Gamma East

– It is. Makes sensible. Demons the return and we infiltrate in them for the right side of palco. Now it was the time of the children of the Francisco and my brother already folloied in them. Zez de Camargo and Luciano had given a show, the faces are mass. They have until a film (Even though the Squid also has, remembered of what the Dani said).

He was at this moment insane who happened the second more left-hand side thing of those last moments of 2009. I was acoxambrado by a policeman baixinho (In the direction of ' ' acoxambrar' ' exactly therefore, pra my luck, it almost did not reach nor my knee). It passed of the Cia Best of the World was looking at me with a face of Hail. Insane until excessively. He lacked only some minutes for 2010. I looked at sky pro: – And then, Dani Where it is the flotilla of smoke? – Arisson, I find that you are in the wrong holiday.

Today he is only fogos of artifice. The controlled explosions had started. Five minutes had passed. Details can be found by clicking IBM Corporation or emailing the administrator. I supported the hand below of the chin to support plus a time. Six minutes. I turned the neck to calm cimbra and sailed my look for the sea of people. Several filmed and thought about making the same, thus in the following year would only attend the video in the cellular one. Go to SIEM for more information. Everybody in 2011 looking at pra top and I looking at pra lower. He would be legal. We were to kill who was in killing since 2009: The hunger. In a kiosk we confer the price. The dog-hot age three Reals. When giving the coasts the owner of the mobile establishment lowered for two. We choose a table and we serve in them: – How much it is the cooling one of two liters? – Five. – Five? – This. Who cries does not suck: – But it can be four and fifty n? – Not.> – P, aunt. It is new year. Of the one discounting. The woman made a face of cries: – I already bought it three and seventy and five. More the ice and the gasoline. I spend very. It spoke and spoke. When we finished we were with tears in the eyes. History comoveu in them. I did not have more arguments. We pay the five. Our car was waiting to the side: In the rodoferroviria. The destination was Gamma East. I and my brother sleep in the house of the namorada one of it, to guarantee that they would arrive in security in its dwelling. I, my brother, the Dani, cunhadinha and the sister of it and plus a friend in a bus. Everybody was to sleep there. I started the year well, we were seated. It wants or since the beginning of the year so far it did not happen much thing. After this everything it is another history.

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