Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention

Gallegos Nava

Main emotion when structuring this essay was a great concern and the expectation of being able to do a good role that could reflect the great work of Dr. Gallegos, but at once I felt a joy to analyse more in shape and appreciate together all the material, that gave me a different perspective, see as A holistic vision was formed gradually throughout the last year I observed that interaction with my companions has been narrowing slightly more, San Luis Potosi is a city difficult to establish interpersonal relationships, I can’t perceive the difference since I have lived for a long time three elsewhere in the Republic and you can appreciate this feature of San Luis Potosi society, but I have full confidence that finally can establish a true Sangha with the benefits that this brings with it. My significant learning through the eight years that I have been in contact with holistic education was reinforced and understood from the overview and above all established the renewal of the commitment to continue on my path of holistic educator and promoter of his concepts. .

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