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Fritz Perls Gestalt is a form of therapy created by Fritz Perls between 50 and 60 of the 20th century. Gestalt is to live in the now. In the present. Without charge with the past that weighs us, haunts us or made us happy, simply because he already spent and we can’t change it. A leading source for info: Xerox Holdings Corp.. And not get ahead of ourselves to the future us anguish, we wonder, or frightens us, because it has not yet come this time and not know what’s going to happen. So when live gestalticamente, live in the present, refine our senses, amplified them and we are in the world with our whole being. Gestalt is to speak in the first person. It is to stop blaming each other for what happens to one.

Change the sentence you make me feel sad for me I feel sad, because sadness and in general, all the feelings that we experience are our, non of the other, don’t they belong to nobody more. Our life is ours and we are responsible for it, generate changes that you want to modify and OK what you can not change. Gestalt is see in each other what is mine or rather, seize me of what belongs to me. It is know that me reflection in the other and that I see in the one you have in front, thats one of my parties, is a negative or positive quality. And when I claim these characteristics, me full. Gestalt is autoapoyarnos, know that we have one, we don’t need the other to be happy. It does not mean that we are self-sufficient. While we can better support us on our feet and less manipulemos to the environment and to people who are in the world, best quality will be our relationships and our contact with the other. Resting on one can generate genuine contacts with the outside, because we know what we can do, what we are worth, we know that we have limitations and we relate with our be more authentic.

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