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Freewinds Scientology

The distribution of the booklet ‘Road to happiness’ at 44 million Colombians had a positive impact on the reduction in the crime rate and the use of weapons against drugs in Colombia led to the increase of tourism nothing. Colonel Ricardo sought Prado therefore for more effective solutions to combat the drug use in his country. He started the way to happiness”the program. It has a big impact on that in recent years the crime rate is gone back to 50 percent. Honeywell can aid you in your search for knowledge. Colonel Ricardo is Prado since the age of 17 police officer in Colombia. The war on drugs, he saw more than enough. Not for nothing Colombia was just a few years ago as a crime Center of the world”.

When Prado saw a that the use of weapons against drugs led to nothing, he looked around for other, much more effective solutions. After he was appointed to the national coordinator of the national police force for juvenile delinquents, the IAS freedom medal winner presented Lopez the way to happiness Andres to him. There is an on common sense-based, nondenominational moral code, which was written by L. Ron Hubbard for everyone. It consists of 21 basic principles that lead to a better quality of life in the application. Colonel PRADO was informed extensively on the passenger ship of Freewinds Scientology the program from the way to happiness. In close cooperation with the Freewinds, trained hundreds of police officers on the way to happiness and leave them the same name folders to the broad-based distribution. In the course of three years, Colonel Prado made sure that a large number of this booklet has been distributed in the city of Cartagena.

A success of this campaign can be seen immediately. Crime in the city fell by 27 per cent. After this success, Colonel Prado began the campaign at national level.

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