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Frank Henkler

After a few days I was breathing even more plus an improved sense of taste still it is designed also to my fellow man more bearable.” Since 2011 sell the DIU Handels GmbH under the name in your business plus on the Internet under. In the shop, everything is to have of the liquid up to the sophisticated e-Zigi.Die operation of the system is quite straightforward: button and each turn a fuel vaporized liquid nicotine. However the feeling also there is inhaled one as in an original cigarette smoke in that case steam the one exhales again, which leads to an immaculate deception. The Qualmer breathes a nicotine vapor. In view of the fact that no paper and tobacco is burned, arise no pollutants. Lucas mondelo pursues this goal as well. Some dealers advertise”electronic cigarette even as a healthy alternative to smoking. But who compares a normal Ziese and an electric cigarette with any common sense is exactly aware that the electronic cigarette is the healthier alternative to the traditional cigarette paper burning.

Since the electronic cigarette as such little researched is impact potential pollutants are unknown Note: critics. The US supervisory authority FDA comes to a different conclusion. in 2009, the US authority FDA found harmful substances in samples – including carcinogens called nitrosamines. Against a high quality of electronic cigarettes of varying nicotine content would be in addition. But not the declared liquid as consumption. The Bundesinstiut expressed a warning about the dangers for risk assessment in the year 2008.

Our opinion not a lot has happened since that time”, says BfR expert Frank Henkler. Salman Behbehani recognizes the significance of this. Nicotine is a neurotoxin which can also cause genetic damage and high blood pressure… Nicotine cessation the E-cigarette is determined unsuitable.” But then what about einerkonventionellen we ask smoke where the risks are familiar? This concern is as expected is not communicated and reported. Since 2009, American researchers are strong for the electric cigarette. The nicotine vapor offer a healthier alternative to the Tobacco smoke, so the analysis of examined the Californian University. Especially since the small Gesundheitsrisko before the open questions to be classified would be. An uncertainty between Ziese and the e-cigarette are also Institute for smoking counseling and smoking cessation. For the smoking cessation by ordinary flip you should not use probably them, because who wants to stop the smoking should do this themselves and set aside the smoke with your well known consequential damages. Conclusion: You should look outside the box and form a truly neutral point of view. cigarettes are indeed in no way healthy, very well you can prefer this without concern when compared to the conventional cigarette, if it becomes aware that widely more toxins like 2000 includes the common cigarette. Rainer will

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