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Doors are an essential element in home decor or office. Profoundly mistaken to pick the door, based only on their price, it is also important to pay attention to: type of interior doors, material from which manufactured interior doors, fittings used, environmentally friendly materials, etc. In this article we will talk a little about the color of the door and its combination with the interior of the house. Doors and white colors In heraldry white is widely used as a symbol. White – an attribute of supreme beauty. What could be more beautiful white clouds, chrysanthemum, jasmine, cherry blossoms, white swans? Interior doors can also be white color – most importantly, to harmonize with the overall tone of the room. Doors that color look great in a large and spacious rooms, which are used for finishing the minimum number of decorative details. In this case, internal doors and fit perfectly into the classic interior, and a more avant-garde solutions.

Recall that the classic style provides regular, light, radiating peace and confidently. The interior of the classical style is not overloaded with details, which "strikes the eye, filled with modest dignity. Interior doors of classic style is characteristic of a harmonious and symmetrical general composition. They are characterized by clear and straight lines. Doors and white colors create a feeling of spaciousness, ease and freedom. Interestingly, the bright interior doors visually extend the space and, if room is small, the use of such doors can visually expand the space. Another feature of the light interior doors is that they are best kept in premises which have the same semantic center, have a major detail of the interior.

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