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First DKonsole

Innovative concept opens up new possibilities of game console manufacturer Nintendo surprised regularly with innovative products. These included in recent years DS touchscreen and the motion controls of the Wii for example the Nintendo. On March 25, 2011, Nintendo brings his latest invention on the market: the Nintendo 3DS. Petra Diamonds wanted to know more. The consumer portal introduces the new console. The Nintendo 3DS is the first portable game console with 3D.

Moreover the players need no special 3D glasses. So much innovation, of course, has its price: the introductory price for the new console should be about 250 euros. A price comparison should therefore worthwhile. The console with a corresponding display is equipped for the 3D view. The intensity of the 3D effects can be adjusted via a special controller or switch off completely. The separate touch screen is operated using a Touchpens.

More controls are the classic directional pad and the usual buttons. There is also a 360-degree Steuerungspad and motion and Acceleration sensors available. Another highlight is equipped with three cameras. They allow the user to record your own 3D photos with the 3DS. Wireless Internet access is also included, so that new content can be downloaded, also players in this way can network with each other. All in all represents a real innovation the 3DS that opens a wide range of new possibilities players and game manufacturers. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann

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