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Elves, The Small Forest Spirits

Always long thin legs, large ears and of course wings have amusing sight on a dancing, a Shrewish folk elves, the small, often even tiny creatures of the forest. Was never reported by chubby or even thick Elves. Supposedly, so anyone who wants to, can see elves, if he then very quietly is aware and agrees to open the natural beings. There should be much easier to spot the especially thick. In principle good appearance is also probably the reason that you like wearing them as silver jewelry or hangs as a picture on the wall.

When collectors of butterflies would meet more frequently on elves, you could admire poked in museums they certainly also under glass and linen. What suggests, that Elves can fly either fast, good hiding places know, live in inaccessible places or for other reasons have been just very rare. Especially in Iceland, Elves are still quite often seen, is ascribed to the whisky, but perhaps only. This should Elves can reach a very old age and flutter since time immemorial in forests around, why only the wings but not serve, the big ears. They serve more than the control.

Should this funny little people, that supposedly likes to dance and is often quarrel rather at the Ivory Coast suspect, but you’re not. Apparently Elves were never seen on the African continent. It is probably too hot, there must be so any one reason, that it should pull in the wet Iceland. Maybe Elves drink a but also quite likes whisky. The possibility that there were only dragonflies or butterflies, believed to be magical beings, but it would be really a pity to the fairy tales. SID Kroker

Thu, April 15 2021 » News