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Elke Behle

The avoidance of anxiety-inducing dentist has necessarily harmful consequences for the health of fear patients. Their resolve is also considerably more expensive than for patients who regularly visit the dentist due to additional regulations of health insurance companies. Dentists in Stuttgart have the CITY staff has extensive experience in the treatment of anxiety patients. For them, it is particularly important to maintain the health of people with anxiety problems or to restore and promote their quality of life and self esteem. For this reason, the staff of CITY dentists offers his patients a variety ways to the successful management of anxiety. This starts with the first friendly contact and a no obligation learn by practice and employees.

Particularly useful in the Dealing with patients of fear of is already in advance of the treatment of all necessary steps in detail to enlighten them. A friendly reconnaissance counteracts the unrealistic expectations or fears that are typical for all anxiety disorders. As part of the treatment, a number of techniques can be applied, prevent the pain stimuli and fear-inducing feelings of helplessness. The ability to perform treatment under local anaesthetic, soothes and relieves anxiety patients. (Source: EOG Resources). Of course a patient-centered communication should inform always the fear patients during treatment about the just steps, to avoid uncertainty and perceived helplessness. Patients have an unusually severe dental fear, it is possible that perceived by an especially considerate approach under local anaesthetic as intolerable.

Such cases a treatment under general anaesthesia can be in, by a specialist for Anesthesia is monitored. The special concerns of anxiety patients the Stuttgart CITY dedicated to dentists with a particularly sensitive commitment, which is characterized by comprehensive advisory services and painless treatments. Further information at any time to provide Dr. Behle and her dedicated team of employees. Press contact: CITY dentists Dr. Elke Behle & Associates contact: Dr. Elke Behle Konigstrasse 16 70173 Stuttgart phone 0711-7 22 33 4 – 0 fax 0711-7 22 33 4 – 29 email: Homepage:

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