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Dolby Digital

For its part, Canal + will continue its exclusive party on Sunday at 21.00 and the best game of the second division at 12:00. Canal + also deliver exclusively the most of each day of the Copa del Rey (except the final which should be in open). Canal + will remain the home of football because football is ours and will continue to have the best team of professionals and specialists in the sport. Next to party open each day, viewers of the platform will see two games of first and Two of Two on Canal + League, the historic game on Sunday at Canal + (21.00) plus the best game of second (12.00) and the rest of the shocks league offered on the system of pay per view (ppv) . This Digital + is the only TV platform to offer the entire league.

All football matches will be accompanied by the most comprehensive programming dedicated to analyzing every detail of every day of the competition, with the style that characterizes Canal +. Soccer Day will have two editions (Saturday and Sunday) and Monday will arrive on the weekend review. In addition, the Sports team has prepared the launch of new special programs with the look and the seal usual Canal +. Canal + League will have the best team in television sports in our country, Canal +. Carlos Martinez, Michael Robinson, Nacho Aranda, Noemi de Miguel, Gaby Ruiz, Maldini, Juanma Castano, Manu Sarabia, Santi Canizares, Rafa Alkorta and Chapi Ferrer are among the professionals who make up that team, which will continue to grow during the next season. And behind the scenes, Victor Santamaria will continue to lead the implementation.

High Definition Finally, and also the most important matches of each day will be shown in HD, a technology which currently only offered by Digital +. To enjoy the HD on Canal + is necessary to have a Full HD television or HD Ready and a iPlus, the next-generation terminal Sogecable. iPlus is equipped with a 160 GB hard drive that allows recording and playback at any time more than 80 hours of programming very easily. In addition, an integrated Freeview tuner incorporates Dolby Digital and has a single control to navigate between digital and analog channels. Peter M.

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