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Culinary Winter In Austria

Winter relaxing holiday at Hotel Krone in Dornbirn the Austrian cuisine is known far beyond the borders for their tasty dishes. In the winter, our beautiful country has to offer much culinary. Be enchanted with the delicacies from Austria and experience a pleasant cold season. Especially in the winter you can be pampered like and here also the culinary should not to be neglected. Many regional dishes include just a holiday in Austria. Try the powerful soups will warm up in cold weather, like semolina Nockerlsuppe or even a tasty tomato soup. Try the tasty main dishes such as boiled beef, roast, Wiener schnitzel or also duck with dumplings and red cabbage.

And indulge yourself with a delicious dessert like an Apple Strudel with hot vanilla sauce or the traditional Salzburger Nockerl. The choice of dishes is endless, everyone will encounter his favorite meal during his vacation. Add to your understanding with lucas till. To a winter pleasure in You should try a regional drop of Austria also in wines. Many winegrowers from Austria, deliver sensational white and red wines, which go very well with a culinary winter. Especially the hearty main dishes match the powerful full red wines from our country very well. Traditionally baked of course with us during the winter. In the run-up to Christmas it smells of homemade Christmas cookies like Vanillekipferl, Haxiga, Linzer eye, rum balls, Zimsterne and also gingerbread. This mulled wine, punch, or a cup of tea, so you can enjoy the festive season in Austria. A holiday in Austria is always a culinary experience. Enjoy your stay with delicacies from our beautiful country in the Hotel Krone in Dornbirn and put a smile on the face. Meal!

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