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Congressman Brian Bilbray

He obtained a title of Bachelor and a Doctorate in Laws of the University of Kentucky. Also, Congressman Whitfield studied in the Seminary of Wesley theology (Wesley Theological Seminary) in the city of Washington, D.C., institution in which at the moment comprises of the Meeting of Governors. Mr. Whitfield served to his country within the Body as Reservists as the Army as the United States occupying the position as Lieutenant First in Division no. 100.

During the eight periods in which he has served as congressman has taken care of subjects in favor of the family, specifically in the authorization so that she allows herself to say in the schools, ending to him the infantile pornography and in prohibiting the burning fire of flags. Ed Whitfield : Congressman Whitfield is member of the Commission of Energy and Commerce of the House of Representatives. This commission is the oldest commission of the Camera and it takes care of the great range of subjects, which grants the jurisdiction to him ampler than it owns any commission within the legislative body. The Commission maintains the main responsibility to supervise subjects related to the medical cares, the telecommunications, protection to the consumer, the nourishing security and of medecines, the public health, the quality of the air and the environmental health, the provision and gives of the energy and the inter-state commerce and with foreign countries. Brian Bilbrary: The 6 of June of the 2006, the gentleman Congressman Brian Bilbray (Republican-Be Party of California) was chosen to represent District no. 50 of the Congress of California. At present he is member of the Commission of Vigilancia and the Governmental Reformation of the House of Representatives, the Commission on Subjects related to the Veterans military and of the Commission of Science and Technology. Also, Congressman Bilbray is member of the Commission of Republican Policies of the President and House of Representatives of the Large stone bench on the Immigratory Reformation.

The first period of Congressman Bilbray in the Congress began in 1994, moment at which participated in crucial way to offer support to the community in charge of the public security, having offered its support for those laws destined to protect a the members of the police and to the victims of common crimes. After to move away of the Congress in 2001, Congressman Bilbray held the position of co-chairman of the National Meeting of Advisers of the Federation for the Immigratory Reformation in the United States (FAIR in its abbreviations in English). The problem of illegal immigration allowed that Mr. Brilbray returned to the Congress in 2006. In his quality of President of the Group on the Immigratory Reformation, Congressman Bilbray constitutes an important voice within the Congress in favor of the necessity to initiate a reform in the subject of illegal immigration. Their other more important priorities in Congress no. 110 include the continuation of their previous work in favor of the cleaning of the air and the water, as well as its efforts to introduce the surrender of accounts and the transparency within the process of elaboration of the federal budget. Mr. Bilbray and his Karen wife are the proud parents of five children and six grandsons.

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