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The DOM AND the WAY As to walk, and pra where to follow? What it has what exists throughout a life chosen or destemida to follow? Dom is as a nascena mark, a given internal signal to the chosen ones for God. When growing, we feel, we live, we fight and we follow the way. It is of many the wisdom of does not need to cross as many obstacles to arrive in a stage where if it knows What all life searched. She is as a person who has dom of the prophecy, it follows the steps shown in the vises and Fold to the multitudes the word of the prophecy It is repleta of light and full of love the holy ghost, it is admirable and happy It is its soul, is in a peace way It then asked for to see, to say and to follow these steps? As a singer who did not ask for to sing, no matter how hard Complete unfortunate person tries to arrive at the maximum of its song and to feel itself, it has exactly dom of its sung voice, was that she gave dom to it. How much if I measured the value of the blessed ones with dons? When eye for brings is asked: because I see as many holes and because they are so deep? Some are so deep that they seem not to have end! Because I am beyond a human being? Which the way to follow? What? Where to arrive? If not yet it is reply time, patience! Not! It is not the death! Until pra has much cloth there sleeve. Learn more about this with rusty holzer.

Plans, desires, a future with life ecstasy. knows of what more? It is not normal or complex, it is the course. Dom to see the reality is another one. What all joined obtain to decide, if all already more will obtain this union? why? Because nor all have dom or the attention for the same, much they go for the majority, For the multitude of promises, way that the insensibilidade makes incapable to find way.

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