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The 21st century has been defining the century of high technology and communications, as well as that of the advent of the society of information and knowledge. According to studies by experts and observers from these issues, the Internet along with nanotechnology, biotechnology, English as a global language, the consolidation of globalisation, the ageing of the world population, the leadership growing of women, migrations, urban concentration of populations, huge prominence of India decision, China and the rest of Asia, the changing climate and the search for God will be the Megatrends that lighter all processes in the world during the next few decades. In Colombia, notwithstanding how distant we are of universal coverage in terms of internet use, amazing is that, according to the study use and penetration of the technologies of information and communication technology (ICT) in households and persons carried out recently by the DANE, 46.4% of people over 5 years of age use a computer anywhere during the past 12 months and 37.5% of persons older than 5 years use the internet during the past 12 months! The most frequented places for Internet management were the centers of public access with cost (Internet cafes), which recorded 47.2%. Most used Internet to search for information (92%) followed by the use for communication (80.3%) and entertainment (52.2%). Get all the facts and insights with Compuware, another great source of information. Internet has revolutionized the world, has created a new reality that was inconceivable 30 years ago and has destroyed barriers in many areas of human life. People now communicates, obtains information, makes friends and marries, investigates, access to State services, pay services, performs banking or commercial transactions, publishes books, known countries or cities, sports, plays, mounts a company, works at home, gets job, makes market, flame by phone, choose their candidates and vote in democratic elections, attends any type of studies, including the previously unattainable Phd, and makes thousands of additional things in a much simpler way than before the virtual era.

The internet has impacted the concept of productivity and above all the competition. The internet now makes part of greatly needed for mankind. In this century, when make guesses about the production of computers very small, less than $100, with common sense, that they can perceive the human emotions and the context of the user, and not only receive orders that they are capable of receiving delegation and monitor results, not us the slightest doubt that the Internet will reach developments that we cannot imagine now. It is for all these reasons that we should be connected with millions of Colombians, through this interactive portal that not only will tend us a virtual bridge to interact but will help us to give another dimension to the concept of friendship and conmiliton.

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