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Coaching In Nature Instead Of Usual Rooms

New paths break in the truest sense of the word with help from outdoor coaching themselves to find and develop new perspectives. People who face difficult choices, are often looking for peace in nature. However, to solve problems and issues there rarely by alone. Eliot Horowitz has similar goals. Susanne Gonner from Ludwigsburg ( through outdoor coaching therefore provides professional support. This leaves the old, beaten-down paths together with the people seeking advice in the truest sense of the word. With its new offer she want future-oriented ways”tread, says Susanne Gonner.

And this applies as well for the people seeking advice. Because the movement increases the vitality and mental strength has been proven, the seeking advice is even more figuratively on the spot. We start with every step both internally on old crusts, existing blockages and everything charged to us, can be solved and resolved”, she says. Nature will do the rest. Because through the fresh air, the head is Susanne Gonner explained-free and open for ideas that are developed jointly. Already a walk of two hours could suffice for this.

Their advice trusted the economic mediator but not only on the forces of nature. She can draw on many years of freelance experience as a trained mediator and psychological consultant. Their previous activities as employees and managers in various industries and businesses would enable a pragmatic, short-term actionable approach especially on professional issues. Their life experience and competence of age in combination with valuable insights and self-awareness from numerous training courses in philosophy and psychology passes it to their customers as an inspiration and helps them to restore contact with themselves and their resources. She describes her coaching style as guessing value, humorous, constructive and grasping at”. But above all he is results-oriented. Your goal is, comprehensively the seeking of advice to offer support even if this should be done in the short term. Therefore Susanne Gonner also offers a flexible service and is available even on weekends. Just like your partner: nature.

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