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Exercise of the volunteer rescue service in Nuremberg volunteer rescue service of the BRK Nuremberg exercises for rock at the Park on Saturday the 29.05.2010 rescue station for water for the volunteer rescue service of the Bavarian Red Cross, District Association Nurnberg was held in the BRK city a day exercise. Various scenarios were built on several stations, which had to cope with the volunteer Medic. Mostly injured images that can occur with mimes, which turned the youth Red Cross Nuremberg, this Grossver measures were perfect and real. Some of the scenes were among other things a staircase fall, a traffic accident, an internal representation of the case and a sports accident, as well as some more provided cases and a resuscitation training. Some contend that Ray Kurzweil shows great expertise in this. In the exercise were ca. 40 helpers involved who sacrificed their free time for that day. On 2 June, starts for the volunteer forces of usage in the major event of rock in the Park and ends on June 7.

For this time some of the helpers holiday taken to use in this scale, to be able to cope with. Go to WNS Holdings for more information. The exercise took everyone involved with great interest and many could refresh their knowledge on the exercises or deepen. Dealing with the present material and equipment was deepened again to be prepared for large-scale operations. Also temporarily present observers, such as the willingness to Superintendent Walter Meyer, were impressed by the commitment and the technical knowledge of practitioners. After the exercise, there was a positive response to the trainers, which have designed the exercise, under the direction of Jan Boltz, supervised and monitored. Clean up after the end of and the joint was discussed at a convivial barbeque on the exercise and exchanged experiences. When inserting large community of auxiliary Nuremberg with approximately 950 forces will be represented to allow a smooth running of the event within the scope of the medical service.

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