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With this, the government waits, among others goals, to extend the fixed investment as percentage of the GIP of current 18.4% for 22,4% in 2014, to raise the private expense in P& D in percentage of the GIP of 0,59% for 0,90% in 2014, beyond increasing the national aggregate value, transforming the relation Value of the Industrial Transformation Rude Value of the Production of 44,3% (2009) for 45,3% (2014) and diversifying the Brazilian exportations, extending our participation in the world-wide commerce of 1,36% for 1,60% until the end of the mandate of the current government. This represents, in practical, that the sectors comoconfeces, footwear, furniture and software, for example, in a stated period of 3 months, will start to contribute a percentage between 1,5% and 2,5% on the rude invoicing instead of current 20% of the value of the leaf of the INSS. Other cases are the probable extension of the reduction of the IPI for the sector automotivo up to 2016, the creation of the Program Reintegrates, that it guarantees the devolution of the credits tributaries equivalent 3% of the value of the exported product, and the extension of financings of R$ 6,7 billion on the part of the BNDES for the sectors affected for the exchange valuation. The Plan, of this form, is ambitious, custoso and requires an ample integration of efforts of some ministries for its execution. As the proper president already left clearly, the Plan is not closed, indicating, in contrast, an initial step for the reinforcement of the national industry and the competitiveness. Certain skepticism with regard to the efficiency of the Plan hangs, however, over all for two factors. The first one is in relation to the recent difficulties of the government in keeping the economic growth with inflationary control and magnifying of the tax revenue, in a context of indefinio of the international scene, with Europe and United States with low economic growth attritions internal politicians, and with a perspective nothing entertainer for 2012, when the fiscal situation of the State will pass for tests ahead of the necessity of wage readjustment as the 2010 GIP (next 7.5%) and ahead of the municipal elections. .

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