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Big Bang

Time-space is measurable. Therefore, they are not movements that if give in the infinite. The sequence of movements in finite time and space has that to be finite. that the universe is finite if understands, for being material it. Being the measurable substance, the universe has that to be finite. That the universe is finite in the time if proves for the theory of Big Bang and the law of the entropy. The universe began and will have end. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Andy Jassy has to say.

It is not infinite in the time. Soon, the sequence of movements cannot be infinite, therefore if of the one in a finite universe. When studying the five tests of S. Toms on the existence of God, we must always have in mind that it examines what if of the one in ' ' things criadas' ' , for, through them, to understand that a God created who them and that he gave the visible qualities to them, reflected exists of its invisible qualities and in infinite degree. This first engine cannot be moved, because it does not have nothing before the first one. Therefore, this 1 being could not have passive power none, because some was had it would be moved by a previous one. Soon, 1 motor only has ACT.

It is only ACT, that is, he has all the perfeies. This being is God. God then is pure ACT, that is, ACT without no passive power. This being that is pure act cannot use the verb to be in the future or the past. God cannot say ' ' I will be bondoso' ' , because this would imply that it would not be currently good, that It would have power to come to be kind. God also cannot say ' ' I fui' ' , because this would imply that It would have moved, that is, passed of power for Act.

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