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Baltic Sea

Therefore, the Baltic Sea water is very slow updated due to cleaner waters of the Atlantic. Period of complete renewal of water in the Baltic Sea is about 30-50 years. In the Baltic Sea, low salt content. Continue to learn more with: Gazprom. Its waters are a mixture of salt water from the ocean and fresh water from numerous rivers. Baltic Sea is heavily polluted as a result of active living on its shores people. Environmental problems the Baltic Sea are associated with many parties society, such as energy production and consumption, industry, forestry, agriculture, fisheries, tourism, transport, processing wastewater. White color save the planet from global warming U.S. Secretary of Energy, an experimental physicist and Nobel laureate Steven Chu proposed an original way to fight global warming – to repaint all the flat surfaces in white.

Mr. Chu said that if you change the color roofs, roads and paved surfaces to white, they would be better to reflect sunlight and heat, so – to contain global warming. If the coating of roads and roofs brighten even a few shades to the color level cement, for example, that carbon emissions will be reduced to such an extent on how much they reduced if all cars have disappeared from the world’s roads for 11 years. Professor proposes to introduce new building standards, pursuant to which all horizontal roof must be painted white, and the slope surface – in the light, ‘cold’ colors, having a greater reflectivity than the surface of dark colors. Roads proposed to lighten light gray color to the bright sunlight, they are not blinded drivers. Increase in the area of light surfaces can fight global warming by reflecting solar radiation, as well as through reduce the power consumption required for air conditioning because the bright areas will be less heated. Experiments with light-colored surfaces have already passed in California, where effectiveness of the new method is confirmed by the residents of this state reviews. According to them, for the duration of the innovation, energy costs fell by a third

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