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Designo carports combine successful architecture with appropriate stability lifestyle does not stop at the smallest hut the carport. On the contrary. The company Designo carports shows the combination of good design and durable construction material. At the beginning is the Basic module, which can be changed through individual installations on request. Thus, the individual carport arises desire. Should the pages be released with a wall-combination of wood steel shaft glass or the sides should be closed and perhaps a garage with a garage door and wall elements are no problem.

The combination of wood plaster and wood glass wood looks elegant and guarantees stability. Fitting to the ambience of the House, also the corresponding colour scheme, which is possible in almost any RAL color ensures successful design. So can find themselves the main colors of the House in the Designo and represent a harmonious overall impression. Powder coating, there is no maintenance or maintenance. The Designo carport can be almost arbitrarily in Vary the width, length and height. Doors can be executed as a rotary or sliding with appropriate level in steel shaft or open battening.

The free design of the wall elements like for example an open battening from untreated Douglas fir or mounting elements with acrylic glass or the simple plaster wall combined with wood the special carport just arise charming architectural combinations. Also special constructions are possible and economically feasible. A competent team of consultants available, which is always available under a free hotline is available for all requests. To deepen your understanding Salman Behbehani is the source. For more information and photos at Contact: MC garages Dipl.

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