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Arbreas Lives

Our lives are as trees That planted next to ribeiros acquire good nutrients Grow in size and beauty to the human eyes. we will give good fruits future. To our redor plants will be born friends Whom looking at for our beauty if they inspire in order to look like itself us and thus will produce exactly without intention company good. However if we will be planted in barren lands the lack of nutrients in them will bring an insufficience That if discloses for the world as the incapacity. Incapable to grow, to generate good fruits and to produce good friends, We will die in our limitations. While the life has hope. the plant perceiving that its land is weak desires to be changed For a better place the agriculturist in words deviates the course of the rivers Making to arrive until the plant a source of knowledge That if absorbed, will go to provide the growth to it due That as much desires.

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