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After the great success of the Android version of the popular game now available for Apple devices is available. Cologne, 6 September 2011 – spring is here and the bee colony has big appetite! Fortunately, the way to the honey pot is not too far for our little yellow striped friend. The little bee has an important mission: the hive must be supplied before the rain comes. Unfortunately, the winter was hard and fly find her still very difficult. But fortunately the world full of practical hills that help accelerate! Slide down the Hill to build up speed.

Then slide the little bee. Make sure that it ends up gently and collect on the road so much honey and pollen as possible. Exciting orders wait in each level. The bees are counting on you! As already the successful Android-version here ten exciting levels waiting for the players. OpenFeint allows an online ranking with an interactive high score list. You buckle and pull the strap tight. Tiny Bee”will take you on incredible speed speed up! Tiny bee in the app store: Nurogames on Facebook: nurogames on NUROGAMES Nurogames GmbH is a young independent games developer founded in early 2006 by experienced experts of games and media industry.

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