Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention

Adam Smith

At last, Smith demonstrated through its workmanship that the State would have to intervine the possible minimum in the Economy, point where we are in relating low the taxation and to the stimulaton of the free competition she enters the members of the society, therefore only in such a way market if would autorregularia and produce good in the amount and the price that the proper society waits. After all, the direct intervention of the State in the Economy would cause the reduction of the welfare state. In accordance with the thought of Adam Smith, the intervention of the State would cause in a less efficient Economy, therefore, that it would not only generate little wealth to the proper governmental being as well as for the individuals. As the Smiths, the individuals, despite they are in search of its proper capital without thinking about the society, finish contributing for all exactly that indirectly: ' ' All individual pledges itself continuously in discovering the application most advantageous of all capital that it possesss. With effect, what the individual has in sight is its proper advantage, and not it society. However, the search of its proper natural individual advantage or, before, almost necessarily, takes to prefer it to it that application that causes the biggest advantages for the society Since each individual looks for, in the possible measure do, to use its capital in fomenting the activity national and directing in such way this activity that its product has the maximum possible value, each individual necessarily is strengthenn for increasing to the possible maximum the income of the society. Generally, in the reality, it does not intend to promote the interest public nor it knows until it is promoting it to point (…) aims at only its proper profit and, in this, as in many other cases, is led as that for invisible hand to promote an objective that was not part of its intenes' ' (The wealth of the nations) ' '. .

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