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Present December

In particular in the treatment of surfaces Nanotechnology offers a variety of innovative solutions for business and industry, of which we will present some.” As a public private partnership CAN GmbH combines basic research with application-oriented issues of the industry. The innovation tour research explore!”opens interested to research and development institutions, responsible for innovative knowledge […]

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University Hospital Eppendorf

In cooperation with the University Hospital Eppendorf and the Martini-Klinik, these Functionalized nanoparticles in tissue samples are tested and compared with conventional markers. Our task is located on the border between technology development and clinical application”, says Schroder Oeynhausen. A successful completion of this project will lead to a significant improvement in the identification of […]

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Nisterau Software

In addition, there is the possibility to trigger an emergency alarm button. Pressing the panic button, the respective position coordinates of the child in case of danger will be shipped. Furthermore, zones can be defined, upon entering or leaving a warning is triggered either via email, SMS or Messenger, etc.. The child, for example, of […]

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The Case

“So this is a more” not necessarily a more material “means quality. However, it is so, that this light hiking boots now not suitable for all surfaces and areas. In the lowlands, as well as in the central uplands they do a really good job however. Light hiking boots versus trekking boots where you, to […]

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Tanja Est

Icy times on the sidewalk is already autumn ground frost to be expected in all Germany. At higher altitudes the situation worse still if streets and sidewalks turn in combination with snow fall into icy water slides. For pedestrians, the accident risk increases primarily in the early hours of the morning. But who must actually […]

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Christian Taverner

1. every thought that counts with weight loss. It meant that each idea can also lead to a feeling, which is conducive or obstructive for the project taking off”. Now of course thousands thoughts through the head shoot people per day and our brain sorts, deletes and evaluated continuously. Every thought is nothing more than […]

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Frank Henkler

After a few days I was breathing even more plus an improved sense of taste still it is designed also to my fellow man more bearable.” Since 2011 sell the DIU Handels GmbH under the name in your business plus on the Internet under. In the shop, everything is to have of the liquid […]

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Inland Revenue

All Hong Kong companies must keep appropriate books and records in accordance with the Act and the Companies Act as well as domestic income, regardless of whether conducted their business in Hong Kong or elsewhere. The company also must pass an annual report of income and pass a mandatory audit. Usually the real owners of […]

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