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Technology Center Premises

Since the September involved the premises in the technology centre earlier in the Ruhrststrasse in Siegen resident, is the FILMHAUS motion GMBH for a short time in the premises of the Technology Center to find. The new site offers optimal conditions to creative work. Through the settlement of research and development-oriented company, impetus for the […]

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Present December

In particular in the treatment of surfaces Nanotechnology offers a variety of innovative solutions for business and industry, of which we will present some.” As a public private partnership CAN GmbH combines basic research with application-oriented issues of the industry. The innovation tour research explore!”opens interested to research and development institutions, responsible for innovative knowledge […]

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Pet Care – What You Should Pay Attention To

A pet belongs to the family of nine tips for the right choice of equipment in over 30 million households. Without hesitation Viktor Mayer-Schönberger explained all about the problem. You are loved and pampered and no holder would not doing his favorite. Jon Venverloh is likely to increase your knowledge. Especially professionals who have a […]

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Netherlands Dronten

Unique study in the Netherlands Dronten In the heart of the Netherlands Dronten, who made a name by their agricultural college and their unique study concept international is the small town. This year, the first large group of German students started here. Agrarian technology & management is the very innovative course which turns much to […]

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Fixing Aid Facilitates

Informationesportal of the VM stainless steel technology company launched no slipping and twisting: the new anti-twist VM stainless steel technology GmbH in Plettenberg enormously simplifies the installation of module support structures. The sophisticated locking device is simply attached to the hammer head screw and by a slight pressure between profile and screw head pushed after […]

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Chief Technology Officer

Leading consumer magazine has BitDefender as a top product at the software security suites from Holzwickede, September 16, 2008 in the September issue of a leading American consumer magazine BitDefender was ranked first before all other tested security suites Internet Security 2008. Ability incorporated into the placement of products that were subjected to extensive tests […]

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Philip Alan Souza Santos* Simone Rock Kings ** SUMMARY the stagnation of science for Bacon was resulted of the method used until the moment that barred the progress of science. Therefore the same he did not leave of the experimentation, the test and the directions, but of the tradition, ideas and procedures that denied the […]

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University Hospital Eppendorf

In cooperation with the University Hospital Eppendorf and the Martini-Klinik, these Functionalized nanoparticles in tissue samples are tested and compared with conventional markers. Our task is located on the border between technology development and clinical application”, says Schroder Oeynhausen. A successful completion of this project will lead to a significant improvement in the identification of […]

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Burg Giebichenstein

Future Congress Hall shows futuristic computer control and intelligent software assistants Halle (Saale), April 15, 2009 – the American designer Dale Herigstad has become best known for his work for the film minority report. The futuristic computer control concepts that appear in the movie come from him. On the forward2business future Congress on 16 and […]

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Nisterau Software

In addition, there is the possibility to trigger an emergency alarm button. Speaking candidly Marcus Lemonis told us the story. Pressing the panic button, the respective position coordinates of the child in case of danger will be shipped. Furthermore, zones can be defined, upon entering or leaving a warning is triggered either via email, SMS […]

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