Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention

Huyssen History

During a good time this event was conceived as a legend, that resisted the time for the orality in the contao of history, in some aboriginal communities the orality is the form to repass the culture of that etnia. Before written the values and customs they were repassed to the too much members of the […]

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The Remaining

Washing banana leaves, dry; then take a large bowl and cover it with part of the leaves plantain. Then put the meat with the marinade over them. Form a package and leave to marinate in the fridge for 24 hours. The next day, place a rack in a pan. Add water, without exceeding the grille […]

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Santa Cruz

Everytime I went to see the games of basketball in College, it was fixed before you degustara me a pie with any drink that I can not remember. At Easter the made with seafood, accompanied by white wine are popular. Also there are stuffed with vegetables, mainly Swiss chard; Neapolitan cheese, ham, tomato sauce and […]

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The Nose

Each jaw half has three sharp incisors, which in addition to the so-called hook teeth, also called Cuspids, sit. The ear of the Dog’s ear is one of the most important sensory organs of the dog. From birth, this is completely pronounced and perceives sounds in frequency ranges that nowhere can be heard by humans. […]

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Red Riding Hood

The governess realizes that she are fascinated with it, but the kids don’t know the musical. The attentive teacher embarks on the search. Is a trusty companion for in this case also the library. Can be explained in advance of a librarian, what would be a very interested, and she then puts together a whole […]

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