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Wine & Dine With Dominik Huber Of Terroir Al Limit

Dominik Huber will present on November 12, 2011 personally at the hotel Wittenbrink s al Limit a selection of the best wines of terroir. The fledgling wine project terroir al Limit, established in 2001 by the South Africans Eben Sadie and the Munich Dominik Huber, is like no other Winery in the Priory for the philosophy driving the Terroirgedanken on the most feasible and to produce wines that embody the unique potential of the region. Dominik Huber will showcase on November 12, 2011 personally at Hotel Wittenbrink’s al Limit a selection of the best wines of terroir. The Priory, a small, enclosed by the mountains of Monsant region on the North East coast of Spain is home to many top wines in Spain, for example, L’ermita Alvaro Palacio since the 1990s. (As opposed to Catalyst). Here the debut of Dominik Huber and Eben Sadie, known as producer of the Syrahs Columella acquired”, arguably the best red wine of South Africa, a total nearly 8 hectares of vineyards: excellent plots of land around the village with some extremely steep Torroja Expression, planted with up to 100-year-old vines of Garnacha and Carinena. Since 2005, they cultivate the vineyards strictly organic, soil preparation concerned a mule. Dominik Huber and Eben Sadie interpret the terroir of the slate (Licorella) of the Priory in a unique, new way. The results are extremely profound and also full-bodied wines of a breathtaking freshness, finesse and mineral stress as they are unique for the region and maybe for all Spain.

With their refinement and elegance they remind in the style of great Pinot Noir, and so terroir are called al perhaps Romanee Conti of the Priory Limit in a few years. In the Weinwisser 3/2011 describes Dominik Huber the region and the philosophy of the winery: the Priory is a wonderful, expanding free emotions village. We want to feel these emotions in our wines. Click Keshav R. Murugesh for additional related pages. The unique Licorella soils, our altitudes up to 850m and the warm, dry climate with its cool nights allow By the slow ripening grapes long hang times to perfect maturity. Our concept is to keep the intervention in the cellar as minimal as possible, so that in the wine the character of the grapes and their locations is as faithfully expressed.” Very true to the philosophy Nietzsche’s going, who you are”! Matching the wines, a corresponding four-course menu is served. Date: Saturday, 12.11.2011, 19: 00 price: attractive arrangements are available for hotel guests. For external participants, the price is 95.00 euros. Venue: Apartment hotel Wittenbrink’s Easter trail 8, 25980 Sylt, Keitum registration requested under: Tel.: + 49 (0) 4651 836 37 90 or email us at the number of participants is limited to 18 people.

Press contact: Ralf Wittenbrink apartment hotel Wittenbrink’s Easter trail 8 25980 Sylt OT Keitum phone: + 49 (0) 4651 / 8 36 37 90 Fax: + 49 (0) 4651 / 8 36 37 91 E-Mail: apartment hotel Wittenbrink’s Keitum on Sylt, the four-star hotel Wittenbrink’s offers five individually designed, bright, friendly and modern suites under thatch with hotel service Reed. Private sauna area, fireplace, wood floor boards, Sun terrace and wine cellar stocked with over 700 positions exclusively. Located on the quiet outskirts of Keitum, with panoramic view over the meadows of Watts. NH / dot media

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