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This is despite the fact that Zarechny not located in the southern latitudes and in winter the temperature here often falls below -30 C. "The temperature regime in the urban heating system is often unstable. As a result of heating buildings comes superheated water, despite the fact that the street is not always cold, especially in the offseason. It is no wonder that house is hot – explains the director of serviced urban housing management company llc "Deux" Sergei Skolobanov. – But the only way to "control" of air temperature, which have tenants – it's windows. The result is that people pay for extra gigacalories not giving anything other than discomfort. How much energy savings here! "Clearly, however, easy to install metering devices that not solve the problem.

As rightly pointed out the mayor Zarechny, the counter does not save, but only shows the true picture of consumption. Nevertheless, without taking into account can neither appreciate the scale of heat, nor feel the effect of the economy. It is in This is the sense of widespread installation of heat meters: an incentive to conserve energy for those who can count Gcal and U.S. Dollars. The town of Power started doing this almost a year before the adoption of the law 261-FZ. Here realized that to solve the problem of energy utilities must comprehensively. Along with the metering home should be switched to adjustable heat consumption, ie equip them with means of thermal automatics. Therefore, together with energy meter in heating systems Zarechensky residential buildings began to install weather-control units based on the equipment the company Danfoss.

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