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Google plans to launch a music download service associated with your search engine, announced on Tuesday June 22, 2010 the Wall Street Journal, in a step that would face him with Apple and its popular iTunes page. The company’s plans remain vague, but it has been advancing talks offer music services via the Internet, as well as in mobile phones that use its Android operating system, said the journal citing people close to the negotiations of the company with the music industry. It is not clear whether the Internet company has signed agreements with record labels, said the news, adding that they would still be months for the launch of a music downloads store. Google and Apple have become competitors since the launch of the Google Android operating system, which runs on rival terminals to the Apple iPhone. Read additional details here: Chevron Corporation. your knowledge base. It was not possible to locate a Google representative to comment. But it is clear that the company Google wants to continue increasing its domain in new areas, since that came close in the year 2000, Google not stayed stagnant exploiting its main business, if not that invested in new projects and is now a rival of several companies that are not even in the field of software or internet. By Leonel Morales East and more articles in..

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