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Why natural vitamins protect better than synthetic vitamins, that are manufactured from natural products are better to use than synthetic for the body. It writes Amelie Fischer in their guide-eBook the book of my heart ‘. ” Why this is so, is now scientifically proven. Perhaps check out EOG Resources for more information. The biochemist Amos and Ludwig showed in two experiments with natural and synthetic vitamin, that, although the two vitamin substances are seemingly identical in composition and molecular weight, they each other but differ widely in their chemical and physical characteristics. The tests showed that synthetic vitamin has biological activity 20.6%, compared to the natural vitamin (report of the American Chemical Society of the 10.9.1962). Learn more about this topic with the insights from Kevin Ulrich. The physician Dr.

K. Hutchin reported a strange statement in the “Allentown evening Chronicle” of 11 9, 1962: “during the war I was prisoner in Japan. Immediately after the war was our warehouse by allies from the air with urgent supplies required synthetic vitamin B-1. Nevertheless, our patients of beri-beri (vitamin deficiency disease, caused by unilateral benefit of husked rice) received large syringes of this artificial vitamin, her condition not improved. But, we managed to find a bag of rice seedlings with shells (Polishings), containing natural vitamin B.

We soaked them in water and gave the unsavory drink to drink our sick. Those seriously ill men began within 24 hours to recover.” Also artificially produced Ascorbic consists only of pure Ascorbic acid. However, contains natural vitamin C from rose hips also Bioflavonoids and the total vitamin C complex, which the body can utilize the vitamin a lot better. “So you can understand better why Amelie Fischer in their eBook my heart book” repeatedly pointed out that one, even though they are more expensive, should be only natural vitamins. Synthetic vitamins are cheaper, harm it but under Even the health circumstances. You can read other interesting articles around the topics of heart, heart attack, cardiac arrhythmias, and his health with vitamins to Amelie Fischer’s blog:

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