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Valuation Of Used Articles! For Buyers And Sellers Free

How much are my things, when they will be auctioned off? This analysis tool, a valuation for used items is calculated from completed auction data. “How much worth my stuff, when they will be auctioned off”… Potential sellers who are unsure whether the expenses of hiring an article in an online auction or classified ad portal at all worthwhile are faced with this question. Now the use of the “value agent” everyone is now at the Web address: available who can answer this question quickly and easily. It indicates the agent of value of in two online versions. Once as a normal desktop PC version is available for all standard browsers and also the users of mobile devices such as mobile phones or tablet a version ready.

Both versions can be used free of charge and without any registration or registration by the user. The DatSet accesses the value agent includes about five million articles from the most common categories such as electronics, mobile, computer, toy, tool. Musical instruments. Also distinguishes each article therein, whether as new goods or used was auctioned. An oversized search box with a magnifying glass button on the right side expected the user directly on the home page.

The desired article name, the brand, or a model designation is entered in this text box, just. The Textsuchfeld is equipped with a so-called smart Autocompleter. This function searches already during the users input of any character live the DatSet and instantly reveals possible article matches. The proposals by the Autocompleter can be clicked on directly or after entering the article is clicked the magnifying glass button. The analysis of the article takes less than a second and you will automatically reach the result list. There, the auction data of in this article are listed clearly and well structured. In addition the data are listed below in the list of similar article names.

Sun, October 16 2016 » News