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United States Production

Also, already she knows yourself that in the decade of 1980, the companies had started to disclose a new environment in which if identifies the necessity of if to develop a form of conceptual and systematic integration enters the processes of managemental control and management of manufacture, where if at the time creates the necessity of reorganization of the management of costs for the lived economic environment. Currently with world-wide the competitive pressures, the growth of the sector of services and the advances in the technologies of information and manufacture they had changed the nature of our economy and had made with that many manufacturers of the United States drastically changed its way to operate its businesses. In turn, these changes had given beginning to the development of practical excellent innovators and for the management of costs. Consequently, based systems of accounting in activities had been developed and implemented in many organizations. Moreover, the focus of the systems of managemental accounting was extending for the possibility of the managers best to take care of its necessities. Moreover, to assure and to keep a competitive advantage, the managers had emphasized, the time, the quality and the efficiency through the necessity of the production of more necessary countable information. The beginning of the apio for the survey of more necessary information is conferred by the management through two significant advances inside of the technology of information of modern manufacture: The first one is the production of the information and second it is the form and the easiness with that these information if disponibilizam for all the involved levels in the production. It is undeniable that the technology of the information closely is related the integration of the use of computers during the monitoramento and control of the operations, since the machine in itself and its peripherals allow a considerable disponibilizao of useful information that almost pass to be collected during the operations in the soil of plant that in real time.

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