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To date, the fastest and most affordable way to make stamps – photopolymer technology. In addition, it is one of the modern variants of the seals for organizations and companies. Photopolymer printing would be a good choice if you need high quality, low-cost printing process. If spoiled, deteriorated or lost print, it can be restored to print with minimal divergence from the original. Achieve accuracy of the source of the original will in a very painstaking study print and a detailed survey of every smallest detail using specific, professional skills of the wizard. Stamp – a stamp rectangular shape, replacing the handwritten entry if the entry is often repeated in similar situations. If the print certify or endorse any document, stamp serves mainly informational nature. Usually when a large document management stamp serves as a necessary tool in the work of any organization. There are different kinds of stamps, containing a variety of data and dimensions: – Health cliches ('therapist Ivanova IA', 'Med.osmotr passed'), – stamps restricting access ('Secret', 'Confidential') – address stamps, bank stamps (contain all the necessary information about the organization, bank details) – Information cliches ('true copy', 'qualified for the flight') – registration stamps (include company name and the field with the date and number of incoming document), etc. Facsimile printing is made on the stamp with the signature used to her on various documents, when the use of a facsimile specifically stipulated in the contract. Facsimile signature of a person is equated with his own hand, and fax documents, usually have legal force.

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