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The Space

Recommendation is to open the League in a different page, or enter the original site to verify that indeed no employment unaoferta serious. Don’t allow your profile to be public, all networks has preferences that users define what can view your network of friends. If I have friends, family and colleagues work, I create three different groups, it is not necessary that all members of my profile to see my information. Do not expose sensitive information in an open forum. If you are on a network, verify codes of conduct and the capabilities that it offers to protect your information. Facebook and the Hi5 are public, the information contained can be used in your prejudice, so it is not the ideal way to look for work.

Get yourself on the network where you have a profile, and if you’re twice denounced. Each site has a contact with the administrator to say, for example, that your identity is the number and there is a copy that is using your image and your data. If you have an account on a social network, use it! Either contact your friends or upgrade space, remember that maintenance should be frequent, because where you’re not, someone else will take advantage of the space. Just like the companies and brands, the user must correctly use these sites to promote themselves and prevent others from creating similar profiles for attract people with delusions. Favors the use of common sense, usually on the Internet things that you would never think in daily life are made. Although someone is very desperate, no longer open the door of his house with a sign that says I’m looking for work, so consider closing this route in the network to outsiders that may endanger our information and our family.

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