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“What do you mean in plain text:”I can’t do the answers”or I may not” exist in principle no longer as relevant arguments, and I delete those not responsible restorative licence reasons from my list from my usual reply catalog. My new answer catalog, which emerged now, has only two relevant categories: one that the criterion “I avoid self responsibility” to the other “I take self-responsibility”. And I assign the for me “I cannot / should not” type and similar statements in the first category. “What have means that I must admit me no doubt, actually already admitted that I my self-responsibility with this statement I can / cannot stop” deny. The self-responsibility, which to me at least unconsciously known “” is, I cover all of these apparent reasons, to just not specifically to whom Moreover, existing I don’t want “or I want” to position. I’m taking off their inherent strength this responsibility specific statements, which here, then, are subject to the superficial Bill excuses therefore. Because I’m just not ready to show my true want honestly, consistently, in the spirit of healthy self-assertion,.

And the perceived inconvenience and difficulties or simply to meet life as such. In other words, I would like to accept my own responsibility, because I am responsible resulting consequences then obviously for my wanting and doing it. On the whole, there is”is still a picture of responsibility in us mostly occupied with negative ideas. As long as we maintain this negative image and not the underlying truth about the real nature of personal responsibility that explore, namely Liberal self-determination that is hidden, is difficult for it of course us to opt for this side of life. As we define it Yes internally with inconveniences, issues and just don’t bring them with what it really is: namely the essential element, which is born in freedom, self-determination, independence, and last but not least Joie de vivre and inner satisfaction.

Personal responsibility means: ready to be to look with clarity, what I really want and what I don’t want. And this visible to represent transparent for others. Want, in other words, my self”and my ego doesn’t want” consistently to live without having to justify this first and second, in full awareness to bear any consequences. “Which of course raises the inference us, that I just this, if I have one I can not” or “I can’t” live, just definitely do not. I was so in this case neither assume responsibility for anything would like to, nor have the courage, without justification to go my way, and am not really willing to face the consequences for my actions. The seemingly easier way to accept no responsibility, is thus above all the way of the lack of freedom and dependencies. As a result, it is inevitable with regard to our self-realization, that we remain absolutely faithful to our true wool and consistently take responsibility for our lives.

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