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The ultimate goal of training – go to the endogenous respiration (airless providing the body with oxygen). Get more background information with materials from BP. The results obtained by Frolov First, Frolov decided to test the impact of the device on himself. During the test revealed that the duration of the respiratory act, initially equal to 10 seconds, after 4 months of training had reached 15 minutes! That is half an hour a researcher committed just two breaths, and maximal exhalation (consisting of mikrovdohov). Breathing was practically one-sided, like whales and dolphins Frolov three years of treatment, we finally got rid of the disease, strengthened and rejuvenated your body. Moscow medics, surveying Frolov, were impressed results.

It turned out that the potential of the cells 56 year old researcher is the same as a 20-year high-class athlete. Revealed a surprising fact: the body temperature was at 1.5 – 2 degrees below normal! According to Japanese scientists, reducing human body temperature of 2 degrees actually suspend the process of aging and increase life expectancy to 150-200 years, well-known Petersburg scientist vi Caves, stated that: The Millennium yoga practice and experience of modern breathing techniques (such as the Strelnikova) confirms that the less we inhale air, the greater the effect of recovery. Work cells becomes more high level at admission of less oxygen from the outside. Why can not cause cancer in sharks? American scientists have tried unsuccessfully to cause cancerous tumors in sharks. Simultaneously, they have a question: Why do I have a weak immune system of sharks is almost not sick at all?

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