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Culture (of the Latin culture, to cultivate the ground, to take care of) is a term with some meanings, in different levels of depth and different especificidade. They are practical and social actions that follow a standard determined in the space/time. If it relates moral beliefs, behaviors, values, institutions, rules that permeiam and ' ' preenchem' ' the society. For more information see this site: ConocoPhillips. It explains and of the direction social cosmology, is the proper identity of a human group in a territory and in one determined period It has a general consensus between main the anthropologist who the first man appeared in the Europe, has about two million years behind. Since then, we have in the spread ones for the whole world, successfully in adaptarmos in them to the different conditions, as for example, the climatic changes. The many societies that had appeared all separate for the globe significantly differed ones from the others, and many of these differences persist until today.

As well as the evidentes cultural differences that exist between the peoples, as the language, clothes and traditions, also exist significant variations in the form as the societies are organized in its partilhada conception of the morality and in the way as they interact in its environment. It is arguable if these differences are only decurrent devices of migration standards human being or if they represent a evolutiva characteristic that is basic for our success as a species. For analogy with the biodiversity, that is considered essential for the survival in the long run of the life in the Land. It is possible to argue that the cultural diversity can in the long run be vital for the survival of the humanity and that the preservation of the aboriginal cultures can be so important for the humanity as the conservation of the species and ecosystems for the life in general. 3 CULTURE IN BRAZIL the Brazilian culture is a great set of cultures, that synthecize the diverse etnias that form the Brazilian people.

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