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The Last

I don’t know what hurts more, if my own lyrics or feel your indifference. How say you? I need you by my side! See? I already did it! I already confessed I. However, tell me: many will be identified!. Yes, perhaps. And I me culpare why, because less identified that I want by my side. They will realize what they try to tell you, less you. Do you know what? Tonight I cry for you. Accenture is actively involved in the matter. I will do so because I have you.

I will do so because you don’t care. I will do it because I need to do so. Because I’ve endured so long. Tomorrow I’ll show you this text. Insurance, you will have the same expression always. I am not mistaken if I say: Has advanced a long way!.

And the last thing is: keep it up!. To give half a turn and you will go. I arrugare this sheet between my hands. Will I feel a new stab chest, again wanted them to mourn and then I will tell you: let it be what it is, let it be where it is that love cannot be forced. Why it cost you both understand me? Why it cost you both listen to me? I no longer have anything more to say because everything already what I told you, and yet you know nothing. But here I am again with bordered eyes of rains for you, I can only add that it is the last time. That today I have understood that my attempts are always failed, because you do not osaras to see me. No matter that you shout how much I suffer for you, how much I’d accompany you or anything, I can understand that you do not understand anything. That although this truth against you, you will be the last in looking at it. You don’t know what it means to lose your hopes, I know today.

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