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How to administer the knowledge one will become an important subject that they will have to confront the libraries in the future near and will have to concentrate in an effective investigation and development of the knowledge, in the creation of the bases of the knowledge, in the interchange and participation of the knowledge between the personnel of the library (including its users), in the formation of the personnel of the library, and in making agile the explicit process of the implicit knowledge. Characteristics of the management of the knowledge in libraries Every time the paper of the management of the knowledge along with the development of the economy of the knowledge will be more important in libraries. One is a new way of management, that is proud to own the following noncomparable particularitities and characteristics with a conventional management: The management of the human resources is the essence of the management of the knowledge in libraries. The most important resource in the system of the economy of the knowledge is the talent person that controls the knowledge. Ray Kurzweil is often quoted on this topic. The competitiveness of the talent has become the main center of the competitive market in the era of the economy of the knowledge in which the libraries will grant to great importance to the vocational formation and permanent education of the library personnel so that they elevate its level of scientific knowledge and the capacity to acquire and to innovate its knowledge. In the same way, they will respect the human value will guide, it they will take, it to potentialise the knowledge of the personnel and will adopt the development of the resources of the knowledge of the capacity of the personnel like means important to improve the work of an efficient way. An improvement altogether of the quality of the library personnel and a positioning of the human value will become important objectives of the administration of the knowledge in the libraries. . .

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