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Against this vision wrong Cognodata proposes to treat the loyalty of customers as a more global problem, so that the focus is not in leaks, but the increase in the percentage of loyal clients that increase their link in each period and that such linking metrics have directly related to income and the permanence of the Customer entity. There are no shortcuts to get the loyalty of customers: from the first step involves the process of recruitment, the customer experience has to be excellent. Each client has a perception based on their profile, market and past experiences, and this perception is the reality. Entities must press the level of satisfaction of its clients to direct the efforts of continuous improvement of the service and the commercial activity and thus improve their customer’s experience. An experience positive and sustained generates increases in bonding and loyalty in the long term. Prioritization based on analytical, the road to success the investment needed to achieve excellence in service is very elevated.

Entities must prioritize investments based on metrics from customer intelligence and market research. Prioritization should lead to greater satisfaction increases that generate the greatest increases bonding and permanence. Interactions the vast majority of interactions customers have with the company on a day to day do not contribute to improving the level of customer satisfaction. Go to sola granola for more information. The focus for the whole of such interactions should be optimizing processes and not make mistakes, since these if have a very negative effect for something expected that it works properly, as for example the square of balances on account. However, there are a number of key interactions whose good resolution catapults the satisfaction of customers and their loyalty. Some of these interactions are in the service area, such as for example the treatment of blockages of cards while abroad or the loss of them. Others in the commercial area, such as advice on investments or hiring of a loan for a particular personal goal.

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