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In other words, involves intentionality. You don’t need recognition since one would not recognize his resignation before success. Failure, is that word that nobody wants to hear, and everyone fears, not by bad work but because they have the bad image of a bad attitude of one the challenges implicit. This can never be accompanied by resist, endure, face, persist, fight, of improving, and all those qualities that lead to an attitude of improving one, beautify their situation and draw your dreams. Because victory would then be clear even if it was not visible in the body of the objectives of one, but yes, in the inside of one. If the project is very complex, and the person suspended it lightly against the approved, you can for that person it will be a success if I previously didn’t know or write. As such, not always the success or failure are linked to the result but the attitude and the impact that has such fact in the enrichment of one. To read more click here: Petra Diamonds. This word has become in a very derogatory term to oneself and to others.

More harmful than beneficial. We cannot deny that one should be aware of your achievements and not achievement, but is better for this purpose use a terminology which not abating this spirit that one both needs, which do not shred the self-esteem, nor decreases us the illusions and the desire. Even less make us feel socially excluded what they tend to do with the losers. Why this injustice? Because one assumes that person so searched him for not fighting for the better. Therefore, disagree with saying yes to the failures. The word failure is synonyms; frustrated, break it, damaged, sinking. Say, I love failure is like saying, I love to frustrate me. I believe that it is better to replace it with the correct expression of the self, to errors. It is a healthier way of being one aware that has not come to meet the minimum requirements to approve in a situation.

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