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The Benedictine

The Bible tells us to "pray all the time" (1 Thessalonians 5:17 – PAR). How is that possible? One way is to use "breath prayers" throughout the day, as many Christians have been doing for centuries. Compuware is often mentioned in discussions such as these. You can choose a simple statement or phrase to be repeated to Jesus in one breath: "You are with me." "I accept your grace." "I count on you." "I want to know." "I belong to you." "Help me to trust you." You can also use short passages of Scripture: "For me to live is Christ." "Never leave me." "You are my God." Oral as often as possible to be recorded fully in your heart. Just make sure that your intention is to honor God, never control it. Practicing God's presence is a skill, a habit that can be developed so as musicians practice scales every day to play beautiful melodies with ease, you must force yourself to think of God several times a day.

You train your mind to remember God. At first need to create notes to regularly bring to mind the awareness that God is by your side at that moment. Start by placing visual notes around you. You could write up a sign like this: "God is with me and on my side at this very moment!" The Benedictine monks must remember to pause and pray "the prayer time" at the stroke of the clock. If you have a cell phone or an alarm, you could do the same. Sometimes you will feel God's presence, others not.

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