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The Art Of The Oratory

General concepts on Oratorical the human being, given their natural condition to be social and see to it gregarious (1) needs effective means to transmit their impressions and experiences, however, are known that diverse knowledge, inventions, thoughts have managed to help to the man in diverse areas of the expression, but do not have nothing else inherent (2) that the oratory for the innate verbal expression. For methodologic effects, the Oratory like Joint of principles can be defined and techniques that allow us to express with clarity, and without fears, before a huge public audience, with the intention of transmitting a message. Of ambivalent way, the oratory contains two words that have close relation, rhetoric and eloquence, first, of Greek rhtor (speaker), art of or saying, embellishing the expression of the concepts, because of certain form it gives the language written or spoken the adapted effectiveness to delight, to persuade or to affect and the second, faculty to speak or to write of effective way to delight, to affect and to persuade . ** Becomes an extract and which is inferred that eloquence is the faculty, to must to be able to express of artistic way our words Like all embellecedora and compatible expression to the art, to him usually it is associated with synonymous terms but of meaning other people’s to the same, since they present/display noticeable differences and they even make them other people’s to the oratorical practice, it takes control a compendium of the terms and constrasta with the oratory. ==> Logorrhoea: Abundance of words in the elocution, because if, is dyed of sharp way that the oratory is an art to speak too much, but rather to persuade of concise way using appropriate ligusticos signs. ==> Facundia: Facility in speaking and conciliating ideas, because if, not only is question to speak, but to persuade and to convince on one det position or subject. ==> Labia: Persuasive wordiness and grace in speaking, because it bears close relation to the oratory, but the difference is in which this exacerbates limits of the verbal expression.

==> Parlotera: To speak much and of unsubstantial way (3), because if, the differences are from their lexical conception ==> Prosopeya: Persuasion, because no, the oratory is not an aim in itself, but several, like persuading, to elocuar, to stimulate and to unite ideals. ==> Monserga: Language confused and tangled, conceptions different from the oratory, that he is simple but simultaneously reflective. (1) Gregarious. – That follows the ideas and/or initiatives blindly (2) Inherent. – Synonymous of natural (3) Unsubstantial. – That it lacks interest, it is possible to be associated to him with insipid, insipid original Author and source of the article.

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