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According to different interest groups and researchers from the acoustics Department of the University of Stockholm, acoustic insulation and the absorption capacity of deficient vibrations of cogeneration power plants cause pollution by noise, allowing for the length of the low frequency waves that sound is propagated to enormous distances, reaching 30 km in the case of cogeneration power plants. Low frequency noise is a sound whose frequency alone is perceptible for some portion of the population. The group that has attracted attention to this matter refers to a study by the Technical University of Denmark which demonstrates that between 3 and 5% of the population is up to five times more sensitive to the noise of low frequency than the rest. The total population of the European Union is estimated at 500 million people, which means that you between 15 and 25 million people have this sense of hearing. partial discharges in Denmark, the medical profession has not been informed of this study, so they are several citizens with this sensitive hearing that have been diagnosed by mistake as tinnitus. It can be assumed that the situation is the same in other EU Member States. The interest group attempted unsuccessfully to Danish environment protection agency to lower limit of noise by 10 DB. Currently, the limit is set at 20 dB in the interior of the houses at night, a little more by the day and something else in other buildings. Another problem is the difficulty to properly measure the noise of low frequency and, therefore, to ascertain it.

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