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Symbiosis Of Wood And Oil

HARO flooring variants with natural oil finish. (tdx) Wood look, feel, smell: the desire for a healthy, natural living environment is organic boom and LOHAS movement still become stronger. HARO, Germany’s leading flooring brand, continues this trend in his parquet assortment with ten planks and selected 2-layer parquet articles with natural oil finish to. This lively wood structures, a natural part of the AST and varying colors, the feeling of natural wood give particularly authentic. Some buildings look from classic to modern In building the straightforward, simple architecture prevails more and more, almost clean”.

Here, the natural soils are the ideal counterpoint to create comfort, without overweighing. As floorboards and 2-layer parquet underscore rural rustic ambience with natural oil finish. Symbiosis of wood and oil so, how is the natural growing of trees has left time, HARO are the planks of the natural time for the development of an authentic surfaces. The oil may dry slowly in the air, particularly intensive penetrates into the pores of the wood and hardens inside of the wood to a permanent connection there is a symbiosis of oil and wood. Worth the expensive special treatment: the ground feels warm and of course, the wood shines in its full authenticity, and exciting surfaces. The HARO country planks naturLin plus are already home ready.

However, the recommended regular to oils with naturLin oil has advantages: the floor is durable, impurities can be easier to eliminate and easier repair damaged areas. What is naturLin? NaturLin is a natural oil on the basis of natural raw materials as linseed oil is inter alia naturLin 100% free of solvents. Oak: versatile and beautiful on the warm shimmering oak the HARO country plank Arizona run black cracks and appear to be, as generations of summers and winters have left their mark. That suffered through a special drying process Cracks are carefully added out with black PuTTY. Finally, the treatment with naturLin plus intensified the special charm of this rustic wooden floor. Lovers of dark floors will find the right roommate in the agate oak. I even do that! The nature is the skilled Builder and renovators with the new system top connect even even simply get in the House. With this patented compound enters into force a new era when laying parquet floors. Lengthwise angle and front face with gentle pressure on the button lock: so easy, fast and professional nature flooring Haro can be set. 2 the topic of naturalness HARO converts layer bars with naturLin now also available on the 2-layer bars. Nine articles of this classic parquet version have the new naturLin interface. Here is the factory only once before oiled and carried on the construction site by the craftsmen of the second oil contract. Also these floors makes the ideal basis for natural living environments. More information see. Tanja EST

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