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Sun Kayak

With the kayak to the Hobie Mirage series pedals you can experience authentic adventures. The possibilities offered by a kayak to pedals are immense. Hobie pedal kayak allow you perform large displacements musculando your whole body. In these movements you can dedicate yourself to the adventure of inaccessible places to discover from the Earth either to fish for fabulous pieces. With the kayak to pedals can propel you in many different ways: using your physical strength: using the pedals of the Hobie Mirage Drive System. Using the shovel with oars as in any common kayak.

Using external forces: using the innovative and effective engine power eVolve. Using candle kit. Can you imagine the speed of kayak using 4 systems at the same time? We will just tell you that motor electric eVolve lets you navigate more than 8 hours at an average speed of 2 knots per hour. Really can you imagine? Kayak pedal system allows you muscle your entire body. Your legs with Mirage Drive pedal and your arms and chest by oars paddle system common. You experience a way of travel, adventure and sport without tiring you. Now that the summer you Tan while you practice sport.

You will access to small coves, alone or in company, away people that cannot reach from the ground or with larger boats. Practice fishing with total peace of mind. He spends a full day of adventure, Sun, sport, fishing and relaxing. With pedal kayaks Hobie Mirage can transport Contigo food and drink for the day and you can even take your sleeping bag without it gets wet if you decide to spend the night in a remote Cove. Remember that there are models K1 or K2 (tandem two-seater). A genuine adventure. Original author and source of the article.

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