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Summer Tips: The Legs Cycling

Good weather and high temperatures may be so beautiful for most, the heat can stress the heart and circulatory system strongly. So that your body is not to pass out in the summer and the Sun does not become the danger, here are a few tips. The higher the temperatures rise and the heat is all the more humid the more burdensome, this affects the body. It quickly comes to circulatory problems with dizziness, sweating or headache. The sultry weather for heart and circulatory system can be dangerous especially for elderly or sick people with already low blood pressure. What causes cardiovascular problems? The first response to high temperatures is usually the sweating, the body’s natural air conditioning.

Leaking sweat evaporates on the skin and creates a cooling effect. To compensate for the loss of fluid, we need to drink more because not only water, but also important minerals are eliminated with the sweat and the blood pressure drops in the summer, high heat. Are we having too little the body Back the cycle can fail fast liquid. Who is also long in the Sun and then suddenly stands up, the blood in the legs the SAGs and the blood pressure decreases even more. But the organism burden not only dehydration, but also physical effort at high temperatures. You should take preventive measures against problems with the circuit, especially in high temperatures daily at least two to three litres of water, preferably more. Especially mineral water, fruit spritzers or special electrolyte drinks are suitable to lead back to the body also the lost minerals. Be sure that the drinks are not cold, because the body responds with renewed heat up and sweat with stronger.

Avoid alcohol, coffee and black tea. The ingredients stimulate the body to excrete more fluid and cardiovascular problems are magnified. Sport is healthy, no doubt, but during too much heat, you should exercise avoid. Through sport the body temperature to rise even more and increases the liquid loss due to high sweat production. In the worst case this can even cause a heatstroke. Who would not yet give should lay the sporting activity in the early morning or late evening hours. First aid for cardiovascular problems but once there is a circulation problem, should be the subject quickly brought in the shade and the legs high stored. You give the person concerned to the drink and they provide cooling, this can be achieved by wet wipes forehead, neck and calves. For more information, as well as a wide selection of products that make you fit for the summer, see

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