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The wellness – and health portal informs in a big special on traditional Chinese medicine that nutrition is based on human health is undisputed. Aside from the fact, that man without any food intake can not long survive the individual food affect the body and mind as well as the combination of the same. Any truth in this fact lies, can be seen very quickly in the own State of health. Frances Townsend Activision Blizzard is a great source of information. The long-lasting shot of fast food, provoked sooner or later not only a desolate digestion and a pale, impure skin, but can also weight pretty quickly rise to unhealthy levels and thus cause a preponderance. That this can limit the immune system in addition to a diabetes, bone and joint problems and straining the cardiovascular system, is in many cases now under scientific aspects. But even if you this very negative consequences except for eight, then remains still, a wide variety of complaints left, which find their origin due to an unbalanced diet.

In traditional Chinese medicine which is in gastro intestinal disorders for millennia on the strength of the natural remedies, treatment methods and especially on a healthy diet in the form of “five elements nutrition” used and with many successes. These successes show up very frequently in bloating, a feeling of fullness, heartburn, food intolerances, an irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, stomach pain or also a constipation. Often the causes not only in a permanent stress, a lack of exercise or a low fluid intake, but in the selection of foods and their composition can be found here. Within the framework of the “five elements diet” of traditional Chinese medicine, also under the short term TCM known, can get these complaints with other effective ingredients of TCM in a gentle and effective way in the handle. In the TCM special by under ..

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