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Spanish Hiro Massage

Yes, ours. In spite of the eternal wind piercing, fog, humidity and often rain. Despite the congestion, fatigue and anxiety of the past day. Despite the unbearable high and low office chair desk (‘Specially since they are doing, or what? To moral pressure? Must be replaced … “I think, for the umpteenth time). Despite the cries frantically boss close to retirement age. Hmm, at the end of the day the result will always expect: aching backs and faces (From the time of negotiations), as well as aching brain.

And yet I love St. Petersburg. I love just for the places where you gather a couple of hours, glued, to the right and the bones and nerves. This is – Salon “Harmony of beauty”, which go more for health, that is for a massage. Them in the cabin – for every taste and age. Aches in the joints will remove body massage neck and neck department, cosmetic lymphatic drainage massage to smooth out and free of toxins weeks, tired and angry face power stomach and thighs.

A composition of extracts of rosemary, aloe and lavender, energy relaxation massage, nice and gently soothe the nerves. Yes, we must still apply stone massage and Spanish Hiro massage – girls from the salon said it’s indescribably. Warm stones and of themselves – a very nice thing, so it is also a philosophy to produce unsurpassed results – stimulation of internal organs, the autonomic, cardiovascular system and nerve endings, stimulation of the immune and endocrine systems, and to activate the metabolic processes of the body, the update of skin elasticity and saturation of cells with oxygen. And husband with a child does not stop here cause – and there is sport and baby massage. Indeed, after the son of karate are increasingly complaining to sprain and swollen knees. Happy and relaxed, so did astounding packing – by the way, means quality in the cabin, not will spread. Well, finally. That home can be – beautiful, rested and confident that everything is not so critical in this world. By the way, with my old headmistress, we now often rides – subscription for a massage at a discount still did the trick:)).

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